Ink Rollers – Open Data One & Two Line


INK ROLLERS (x5) for One and Two Line Open Data Price Guns

Ink Rollers require replacing on a regular basis to ensure clear and bright text on the price gun label. Every time you squeeze the trigger, a measured of amount of ink is transferred onto the character bands which is then printed on the label. Each ink roll lasts approximately 10-15,000 impressions.

Our ink rollers are designed to fit your Open Data Price Gun perfectly, ensuring it prints a perfect label every time.

If the print starts to fade, replace immediately with a new ink roller. This will prevent the foam pad deteriorating and clogging up the intricate mechanical parts of your Open Data price gun.

Choose from the following list your exact Open Data Price Gun model:

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INK ROLLERS (x5) for Open Data One and Two Line Price Guns

Blister Pack of 5 x Ink Rollers. Sealed for long life.

Model Compatibility:

Open C6, Open M6 Bold, Open C8, Open C10 (Numeric & Alpha), Open C16, Open C17, Open C20 (Numeric & Alpha).

Additional information

Select Your Open Data Model

Open C10, Open C16, Open C17, Open C20, Open C6, Open C8, Open M6 Bold


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